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Ratings  (5)     Jacquelyn Wedlow   06/28/17

Great serivce

Ratings  (5)     Carolyn   06/24/17

Good service, fast

Ratings  (5)     Ryu Hyabusa   06/05/17

Great time in the office

Ratings  (0)     MarlinPange   06/06/17

Ratings  (5)     Brandon   05/26/17

Great services everyone really professional

Ratings  (5)     Chritina Otano   05/26/17

love the service and attention

Ratings  (5)     Alyssa   05/26/17

Very pleasant doctor and experience

Ratings  (5)     Tanya&TimberRobinson-fulmer   05/26/17

Awesome&Amazing is the Opt Doc!!

Ratings (5)     Maribel deniz   04/14/2016

nallely in the front desk was very helpful and answered all my questions , the staff is great and so is the doctor and answered all my questions

Ratings (5)     Tomeka   04/14/2016


Ratings (5)     Mary Jo dias   04/09/2016

Very good service

Ratings (5)     Angela - DFS   04/09/201

Dr is very attentive, and patient with children. Very good service! 6

Ratings (5)     Vera moya   04/09/2016

She is awesome!

Ratings (5)     Jesse gonzales   04/05/2016

Very nice stafff. Very nice dr.

Ratings (5)     Terrell   03/30/2016

Extremely nice, fast and great service.

Ratings (5)     Alcira Arellano   03/28/2016

Very professional nice attentive very easy to speak to love this doctor

Ratings (5)     Ashton cabrales   03/28/2016

I was pleased with their service it was great and fast

Ratings (5)      Chris   03/21/2016

The staff provides a comfortable environment, and the doc seals the deal. THANKS!!

Ratings (5)     Ronald stephenson   03/21/2016

Extremely quick and efficient. Staff and the doctor were extremely nice and courteous.

Ratings (5)     Paula arias  03/21/2016

I like how straight forward she is

Ratings (5)     Rhonda spencer  03/21/2016

I was very pleased with service staff friendly the doctor was the bomb great I will recommend and my friends too

Ratings (5)     Manuel velazuqez  03/21/2016

Great staff and doctor!

Ratings (5)     Eva   03/03/2016

Doctor took her time, she is amazing!

Ratings (4)     Anmol bhan   03/03/2016

Awesome :)

Ratings (5)     Robert   02/09/2016

Very nice experience

Ratings (5)     Yenma   02/09/2016

The staff and the doctor were awesome

Ratings(4)     Annika Davis   02/09/2016

Most thro exam ever

Ratings(5)     Alma   02/09/2016

Great doc. Been coming here for 3 years and they are wonderful

Ratings (5)     Art Hernandez   02/09/2016

Very fast and extremely friendly

Ratings (5)     Louis nogali  02/09/2016

Awesome doctor, made my eyes great again..

Ratings (5)     Monique sedillos   02/09/2016

She was very kind and her patience were very well :)

Ratings(5)     Kim Rutledge   02/09/2016

Technology has come a long way since my last exam. Dr Gupta was friendly and She was on time for my appointment.

Ratings (5)     Sheri Lynn ware   01/23/2016

Very good,friendly and professional

Ratings (5)     William Clement   01/23/2016

I am very pleased with the quality of service I have received. The staff is very good and pleasant to work with

Ratings (5)     Gladys gonzalez   01/23/2016

I would recomend dr to anyone very genial and staff are ver professional

Ratings (5)     Ariel vivas   01/23/2016

Best eye exam, better than eyeglass world !!!!!! Thumbs up to this place!

Ratings (5)     Christina   12/10/2015

I loved how Dr.gupta explained everything to me. She is awesome.

Ratings (5)     Pamela R. Malbry   12/10/2015

Dr. Gupta has cared for my youngest daughter who has Sickle Cell Disease for some years now and she is the best!

Ratings (5)     Leonard Campos   12/10/2015

Best eye exam ever. Very comfortable office Dr Gupta is very nice!

Ratings(5)     Lakelia Thomas   12/10/2015

Very great dr

Ratings (5)     Desiree freels   08/18/2015

Dr. Gupta was very helpful in explaining to us what was going on during the exams .. Very nice doctor

Ratings (5)     Jerome jordan   12/10/2015

A really good doc.

Ratings (5)     Mila Palma Gil   08/18/2015


Ratings (5)     Shawna Price  08/04/2015

Very comfortable with exam. Knowledgeable and informed.

Ratings (5)     Kimberly   08/18/2015

You aré great...

Ratings (5)     Shirley holdeman   08/04/2015

She is a good eye doctor she is straight to the point ii will recommend her to my friend good doctor thank you

Ratings (5)     Reggie anderson   08/04/2015

Nice and straight to the point

Ratings (4)     Charles f bunker   08/04/2015

All went smoth

Ratings (5)     Mabel  07/14/2015

Love Dr Gupta. She dedicates time and explains any questions you have. Been coming here for years :)

Ratings (5)     Frank zahrobsky   07/14/2015

Great experience, very helpful and professional. :)

Ratings (5)     Dayna Hilborn   07/14/2015

Excellent, knowledgeable doctor. Made me very comfortable.

Ratings(5)     Karla Morales 07/14/2015

Quick and good service

Ratings (5)     Malena 06/27/2015

Grieta Service

Ratings (5)     María larios   06/27/2015

I love this place. The doctor is cariño as well as the peor le sordina the re. When choco sing my eye glasés, they took their time and helped me a lot. I will strongly recomendable this place for any ave.

Ratings (5)     Sergio rivera   06/27/2015

Very good service

Ratings (5)     Cindy   06/09/2015  

Great service. Definitely would recommend to friends.

Ratings (5)     Cynthia   06/04/2015

Really impresses with the doctor and staff was seen within 10 min of my appt and I will recommend desert eye care to my family and friends

Ratings(5 )     Maria romero   06/04/2015  

I highly recomendable this clínic .everyone is very helpfull and nice

Ratings (5)     Christina   05/29/2015

Great service I was in and out real fast

Ratings (5)     Chris   12/10/2015

Fantastic great at her job. Would refer her to everyone I know

Ratings (5)     Debra escalera   05/29/2015

I highly recommend this clinic for eye services. Very thorough and professional.

Ratings (5)     Yolanda quartilho   05/29/2015

Excelente, great services, very friendly staff and dr. The doctor is very informitive and nice.

Ratings (5)     Geovanni   05/29/2015

The dr. Grave me more info than any other eye dr. has ever tolld me.

Ratings (5)     Deysi arevalo   05/29/2015

Excellente todo el servicio des de el personal y doctora

Ratings(5)     Kathy Young     05/13/2015

Efficient and knowledgable. Asked me questions no previous dr ever has. I will definitely recommend to anyone.

Ratings (5)     Cesar     05/04/2015

I had a nice Experience with Desert Eye Care Staff, I prefer & recommend to Walk in to this Store & Clinic..

Ratings (5)     Jesses saramosing     05/04/2015


Ratings (5)     Mildred saramosi g     05/04/2015


Ratings (4)     Blanca     06/02/2015

I had a nice experience. Nice staff

Ratings (5)     Martha     05/04/2015


Ratings (5)     Cecilia

Love this dr.office such nice people.

Ratings (5)     Matthew Farmer

The doctor was very nice and very informative. I learned about the difference in the shape of the cornea with and without astigmatism.

Ratings (5)     Christian tovar

Fui con mi esposa y hija y con mi hijo, la Doc. Gupta nos explico todo my bien. La recomendare a todos, mi familia y amigos. 05/29/2015

Ratings (4)     Jennifer Flores

Receptionist were very friendly. Dr. Rachna Gupta was very sweet and explained everything well.

Ratings (4)     Emmanuel

Very good place to get an eye exam done, friendly staff and great doctor.

Ratings (5)     David

I had a nice Experience with Desert Eye Care Staff, I prefer & recommend to Walk in to this Store & Clinic... 04/09/2016

Ratings(4)     Michele La France

I was impressed with the service and the employees. I loved that Dr. Gupta inserted plugs into my eyes. I will definitely bring my family here. The experience was great. Michele La France 12/23/2014

Ratings (4)     E.H

I went as a walk in and was seen fairly promptly, it only took around an hour in a half. The receptionist is very nice friendly and well knowledgeable. She took my insurance and verified it and informed me that I was covered for all procedures. The doctor was very professional well mannered and very friendly. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. E.H. 11/11/2014 05/04/2015

Ratings (5)     Gladys Ramirez-medina

I was very pleased with the doctor. The doctor took great care and had a great understanding with my daughter and I. I will always come here for my exams and glasses. I was very pleased. Gladys Ramirez-Medina 12/4/2014

Ratings (5)     Elizabeth santoy

Very good people that u have working here and I was taken good care of.

Ratings (5)     Regina Wright

Dr. Gupta was great not only to me but also to my children. We will definitely be back.

Ratings (4)     Irvin

It was a great experience, I had at Desert Eye Care. Friendly staff and Great Doctor.